SCLPS Training

Award in

Scottish Certificate for Licensed Premises Staff


The SCLPS cover the syllabus set by the Scottish Government to enable candidates to understand the law in relation to:

  • protection of children from harm
  • drunkenness and disorderly behaviour
  • licensed hours
  • the responsible retail sale of alcohol
  • roles and responsibilities of the licensed premises staff and the penalties
  • relating to failure to comply with the law
  • rights of entry to licensed premises
  • the strengths of alcoholic drinks and the effects of alcohol on the human body

Please contact us for full details of all the delivery, cost and examination options available.


The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 states that all staff who wish to sell or serve alcohol in licensed premises must have received at least 2 hours of training from a person who holds either a personal licence or a relevant licensing qualification accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (Regulatory) (SQA).

The SCLPS has been developed to meet the training specification set by the Scottish Government and can be finished in 2 hours. The training is usually followed on the same day by a short multiple-choice exam.

The SCLPS is designed for anyone who wishes to work in a licensed premises or any venue or site where alcohol is sold, for drinking on or off the premises in a position where they will sell alcohol to the public.The guided learning hours for the SCLPS qualification is 2 hours, exclusive of the examination. Guided learning hours are fixed as they have been specified by the Scottish Government.

The multiple-choice exam consists of 25 questions. This can be a paper examination or a telephone assessment. The questions cover aspects of the law and social responsibilities in relation to the sale of alcohol to the public.

The SCLPS is available through self-study and training can also be carried out by the personal licence holder within a licensed premises.

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